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Created by artist David A. White, the honorable Mechanauts and savage Predanauts pay homage to sci-fi toys of the 80’s while adding new and exciting elements. Every figure is a unique piece of art created in the artist’s studio. No casting or molding is used to make the figures. These sturdy toys are 3D printed with durable ABS plastic and then refined with an acetone smoothing process.

They are intended for adult collectors and are not safety tested for children.

The figures are articulated at the neck, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. The articulation and construction is improved with each new release. The Mechanaut Explorer features an all-new joint structure that adds bicep swivel, thigh swivel, a ball joint in the center torso, and increased range of motion for the shoulders and hips. The figures all feature 5mm ports that are compatible with some other toys such as vintage Micronauts and BMOG.

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Mechanauts: Heroic defenders of life.


Predanauts: Evil cyborg vampires.

Glyos, Microman, Starriors, Diaclone, Adventure People, Star Wars, Sectaurs, Jeeg, Skeletor, and Centurians are all copyright their respective owners.



Mechanaut General

Explorers have a strong CORE factor, allowing them to make their own Rift Portals and travel to unimagined worlds. Their thirst for knowledge and adventure leads them into danger even when they aren’t using their Drill staffs to fight the Predanauts.

2018-11-12 18.16.42-2.jpg


The Predanaut onslaught is relentless but the proud soldier fights with his fellow troops to protect life throughout the universe. His Xerraxian blade and Antronian pauldron are powerful tools in the gruesome war for survival.

Mechanaut Defender


The universe is vast and holds many secrets. The Biologist scours the darkness one galaxy at a time in search of new and interesting life forms. His mobile analyzer lab, grappling arm, and handheld scanner allow him to examine exotic specimens.

Mechanaut Scientist


Frostfire Soldiers scan the battlefields and blast strategic targets with long-range missiles. Frostfires are valued for their strategic insight during combat and even a single Frostfire can turn the tide of a battle from certain defeat to victory.

Mechanaut Missiler


For centuries, Commantis has gorged on the blood of his enemies, absorbing their DNA and using it to augment his twisted mentality. Beware his cunning and cruelty as he leads the Predanauts on an inexorable march across the cosmos!

Predanaut Commander


The Pterror stalks its prey from above and screeches in, ripping it apart with atom-sharp claws and talons! It conceals a pinpoint laser inside its mouth for long-range slaughter. Defying all known physics, the Pterror’s shriek can even be heard in the void of space!

Predanaut Raptor


A constant bloodlust and blind rage drive the Fang, most primitive of the Predanauts, on a ceaseless path of conquest. Only the telepathic brutality of a Commantis can bring a fang under tenuous control. The razor sharp claws and teeth of a Fang can rend almost any armor.

Predanaut Brute

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