Brawler V2 Release Feb 19th!

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, February 19th. The new Brawler V2 evolved version (pre-order) will drop at 9pm East coast time. See details below. More photos coming soon. I will have the prototype with me this Saturday at Zolocon if you want to check it out. Look at my events on the main page for full details. It's a one day toy show in Bucks County, PA. The V2 evolved Brawler details... - $84.99 plus shipping - A new, removable, head with ball-joint and 5mm neck peg - Refined armor design and jets on the back - Waist ball-joint for increased posability - Evolved back-mounted blasters - New fists with 5mm ports and a set of open hands - 5mm and 4mm p

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