2018 Release plans...

2018 is here and I have a lot of new toys to share with you! Along with the new toys, I'm going to change the way I announce new releases. Large releases that are basically pre-orders will still be announced like usual. That is, I will broadcast the news ahead of time to the public using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my newsletter. Smaller releases with limited stock will ONLY be announced through my newsletter. Why? So my loyal fans have a better shot of getting what they want. Of course anyone can join the newsletter... it's as easy as scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the form, but it's usually only the really committed fans who do so. I'm even considering a fan clu


MECHABOY 3D is a 3D-printed love letter to retro-gaming and robots by artists Drew Wise and David White. MECHABOY is excited to meet you! Check out his introductory YouTube video... Twitter and Instagram #MECHABOY3D This 4" tall transforming designer toy was conceived by Drew and engineered by David. the figure changes from system mode to cyborg mode with a single action switch on the back. The initial release on January 4th 2018 was limited to just 10 figures and sold out in 4 minutes. Thank you for your support! Look forward to more MECHABOY releases throughout 2018. Join the Mecha Zone newsletter to get updated on future releases! Just scroll down and fill out the form. - $85.00 - Appr

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