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Designer Con 2015 recap

Designer Con was really amazing!

I enjoyed the vibe at the show compared to other large events like New York Comic Con. This show was much smaller than NYCC, but still brought in a lot of the RIGHT people who were genuinely interested in what was being shown by the vendors. Not a lot of casual walk-ins with no clue about designer toys and not much cosplay to clog the aisles and distract from the real reason for the show. The crowd level never got past moderate so you could always move around the aisles and see everything.

Saturday was by far the best day for sales by about a 3 to 1 margin compared to Sunday. The Glyos crew was amazingly generous to me in both friendship and professional support. Thanks Matt, PJ, Marc, Marty, and everyone else! I made back my travel, hotel, and con expenses on Saturday. The rest was much needed profit.

I took 36 6″ figures, 2 jumbos, 15 mini Mechanauts, 45 mini mecha figs, 3 Fangars, and some stickers. I also took 4 custom painted Predanaut Protoforms that @mhutchi13 airbrushed. I sold about 70% of that at the show and everything else sold within 24 hours of being listed in my store when I got back from the con.

I also took catalogs that I spent a lot of time making. They have 12 pages and include product photos, a bit of process information, and some illustrations. I made 750 and gave away about 400 at the show. Now I’m packing them in with each new web order. The catalog has 4 pages of Mechanaut backstory so be sure to check it out! You can order one for free with nominal shipping from my web store or you can download a PDF HERE.

Other perks included meeting many cool fans and getting some media exposure. I met dozens of rad followers from Instagram. The guys from gave me some love and screen time in their walk-through video. I’m at the 11 minute mark.

So would I go again next year? Yes, absolutely. Only time will tell if that will be possible but I hope so. A huge THANKS to everyone who came in and bought something or just dropped by to meet me and show some support. I couldn’t do it without you.

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