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Mechanaut Explorer Color Tests

The Explorer release is coming very soon, but I'm still playing with color choices. You've all seen the green and black version (#1) featured on the cover of last years catalog, but I'm not loving that color combo. The soldier already does the green and black look anyway. Here are some new color offerings. Please keep in mind that the head will be different... as seen in some recent concept art.

I posted the same color test image on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and asked everyone to vote for their favorites. I just went through and tallied the votes. Very interesting and helpful results!

The results: #1 - 6 votes #2 - 19 votes #3 - 2 votes #4 - 14 votes #5 - 11 votes #6 - 7 votes

#7 - 2 votes #8 - 23 votes

Votes per venue: Facebook = 48 Instagram = 20 Twitter = 17

As you can see, #8 was the favorite with #2 coming in second. Only after posting the image did I realize how close the colors for #8 are to the original Predanaut Fang colors. With that in mind, I do not intend to use #8 and honestly, I'm not that into the color combo. The red and black feel too aggressive and don't make me think "explorer". I got a great suggestion from Rob D. to make the white parts on #2 silver. It would be a bit more work, but I really think it would look great. Several people suggested that #4 would work better for some sort of construction purposed design and that sounds fun to me. Maybe I can use it for a future release.

Explorer head concept art

Here's the current concept art for the new head. I'm probably going to refine it a bit more before I start modeling, but this is basically it. The color parts will be changed to match the final figure's overall scheme.

I'm excited to move on to the next step, which is to print a test model or two and see how the colors look in reality.

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