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TFcon 2017 Recap

Wow, my first TFcon. It was great for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of all the energetic and friendly people I met while I was there. You fans are why I drove almost 8 hours up to Mississauga, Canada :) It's hard not to have fun when you are surrounded by so many awesome people AND robot toys ;)

I had a table in artist alley, which was more like an artist hallway, but that's OK. This convention is fan-organized and not really like the ultra huge Comic Cons you see hyped to no end. There weren't more than 10 artist but all of them were very talented. It's amazing to see some of the artwork in real life... so much better than on the internet. There were two dealer rooms but I only made it into the larger room. It was an almost insurmountable challenge to keep my money in my pockets. They had practically everything you could want. Saturday was focused on Transformers, but the dealers were allowed to bust out anything they wanted on Sunday.

There were several guest voice actors, some writers, and the former toy designer and vice president of Hasbro, Aaron Archer. I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Archer before and we had a great time Friday night hanging out with Andrew Griffith and Nick Roche. You might notice the links are to Twitter. That's actually something I would like to talk about just a bit. I interact with fans from all over the world through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The fans who show up at Designer Con are almost entirely from Instagram. I noticed a big difference at TFcon as almost everyone said they were from Twitter with a few from Facebook. Just goes to show how different crowds hang out in different places.

It was a pleasure to finally meet YouTube personality and toy reviewer, Chris Ho AKA Vangelus. Vangelus has been a great advocate of my toys and has created some extremely entertaining reviews of my figures. I did a video interview with Vangelus on Sunday night. That should be an interesting video when it's posted!

And speaking of meeting rad dudes, here's a photo of me and Dyemooch AKA Josh Perez. Josh has colored many transformers comics and he also colored the Commantis poster used for the special carded figures. The Commantis art is also on the back of the second Mechanauts catalog. This zany guy is now the proud owner of the homage Bumblebee Mechanaut.

I created some homage Mechanauts that paid tribute to Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Shockwave, Drill Dasher, and Warpath. I also created several art prints with my interpretations of some G1 toys. People really seemed to enjoy them.

A lot of people asked if I would be back next year and if I was planning to attend the American TFcon this year in Reston, VA. It's too early to say if I can make it to either TFcon next year, but I know I won't be attending the American TFcon. I'm way too busy fulfilling commissions and doing other work.

I recommend the con if you've ever thought of attending. I would take a buddy to hang out with and you might need them to prevent you from spending too much in the dealer room!

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