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Designer Con 2017 Recap

Designer Con 2017 was a blur of amazing sights and fun times. I can't believe it was already a week ago that we were all gathered together in the Pasadena convention center. My wife joined me this year for the con and she was a great help with setup and all other aspects of managing the table.

The show was fast and furious on Saturday! Check out the Saturday line in the photo below... It's never been like that since I've been attending. I wonder if moving the convention away from the seam weekend as CTN helped? I don't know, but the crowds inside the show on Saturday were noticeably denser all day.

Lines To Get In

We set up the table on Friday and had a lot of fun with our huge group of Glyos toy related friends. We are all in the same area each year along with our pals from Japan including Real X Head, Uamuo, Skull Toys, Goccodo, and Punk Drunkers. It's like a party! I had a hard time focusing long enough to work on the table but my wife kept me in line, ha! Here's my table before anyone bought anything.

Table Setup

Look at all that toy candy :)

Table Closeup 1

Believe it or not, a lot of people at the show ask me if the stuff on the table is for sale. Um... YEAH! So this year I had some figures in the packaging to drive home the point that everything is for sale.

Table Closeup 2

The peg wall was loaded front and back with mini Epsilons, Sluggers, Jumbo Roberts, and even a few Metal Gunners.

Pegwall Display

The attendees flooded in and sales were brisk. I actually sold the vast majority of my product on Saturday. I only had a little to sell on Sunday. I wish I had brought more, but I spent 3 months making stuff for the show so I did my best. I made around 100 pieces and only had 4 left at the end of the show. I kept the jumbo Explorer for myself and the other 3 pieces sold as soon as I posted about them online.


My big reveal for he show was this collaboration piece with Drew Wise. MECHABOY! He transforms and the cartridge is swapable. Details on a release will be announced soon.


The real highlights of the show are always the people. I got to see so many old friends, but I also made new friends. That's X2R in the middle below and Paul W. on the right. X2R is the desiger of the Beast Box transforming toys. He was very nice and extremely generous. Paul heads up the factory that produces all of the Glyos toys. I met him 2 years ago and we really hit it off again this year.

X2R and Paul

A special thanks to the Hall H guys. We did an interview which I'll share once they post it. We had a good time talking and I think you'll have fun watching :)

Hall H Crew

Me and my good pals Marc, PJ, and Matt from Onell design. Always a real treat to see them.

Glyos Gang

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi and show some support. There were a lot of people from Instagram as usual. The show is moving to the Fresno Convention center for 2018. I hope it can retain it's focus on original content and artists. No one needs another comic con. The organizer assured me that Designer Con will continue to be true to its roots and I'm going to hold him to it.

See you next year? I hope so!

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