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MECHABOY 3D is a 3D-printed love letter to retro-gaming and robots by artists Drew Wise and David White. MECHABOY is excited to meet you! Check out his introductory YouTube video...

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This 4" tall transforming designer toy was conceived by Drew and engineered by David. the figure changes from system mode to cyborg mode with a single action switch on the back. The initial release on January 4th 2018 was limited to just 10 figures and sold out in 4 minutes. Thank you for your support! Look forward to more MECHABOY releases throughout 2018.

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- $85.00 - Approx. 4" tall x 3" wide (10cm x 7.ccm) - 6 points of articulation - Transforms with single action switch - Removable cartridge - Includes bag with header card - 3D printed designer toy intended for adults

Drew Wise:

David White / Mecha Zone:

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