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2018 Release plans...

2018 is here and I have a lot of new toys to share with you! Along with the new toys, I'm going to change the way I announce new releases.

Large releases that are basically pre-orders will still be announced like usual. That is, I will broadcast the news ahead of time to the public using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my newsletter. Smaller releases with limited stock will ONLY be announced through my newsletter. Why? So my loyal fans have a better shot of getting what they want. Of course anyone can join the newsletter... it's as easy as scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the form, but it's usually only the really committed fans who do so.

I'm even considering a fan club where the members would receive first shot at limited releases. I welcome any thoughts regarding this.

Here's a list of the toys I am 100% sure I will be releasing in 2018. The modeling for most of them is already done. Several of them were premiered at Designer Con 2017 but haven't had an online release yet. It's practically impossible for me to stick to a set schedule so I'm not going to list dates.

Predanaut V2

A newly re-engineered enemy for the Mechanauts to combat! The Predanaut V2 has all-new articulation that surpasses the Mechanaut Explorer. I'll be making a blog post dedicated to this new figure where I'll detail the creation process with photos. The body and head are modeled. I still need to design the tail and choose colors.

Mechaboy 3D

The first release was January 4th and was limited to only 10 units. It's a new design and a bit more complicated than my usual toys because of the transformation mechanism. This smaller release will allow me to test the market to see if people like the design and make sure everything works properly. More will be released throughout the year including special colorways and alternate cartridges.

Jumbo Robert and Beam Car

An homage to one of my favorite robot cartoons from the 80's.


Inspired by my all-time favorite pixel game series, Metal Slug.

Mini Epsilon and Friendly Frog

A miniaturized and simplified version of my Epsilon Buggy. The mini version includes a friendly little frog. The buggy does not transform like the full-sized Epsilon toy. Colors may vary!

Keep an eye open for more surprises as the year progresses. I always love hearing from you so be sure to come over to Facebook, Instagram, or twitter and give me a shout. Take care and best wishes for 2018!

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