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Slugger Mecha

The Slugger 3D printed designer toy was inspired by the retro-game Neo Geo masterpiece, Metal Slug. It captures just the right balance between chunky and deadly! 18 points of articulation add to the fun and allow you to achieve dynamic poses. Guns blazing, treads rumbling, the Slugger is coming for you!

- Approx. 4" tall (10cm) - 18 points of articulation - 4mm peg compatibility - Includes bag with header card - 3D printed designer toy intended for adults

The Slugger mech was first released in February 2018 and sold out quickly. I plan to release more Sluggers online as time permits and at conventions that I attend. Until then, you can still see the store listing here ---> LINK

Check out the slugger release video!

Here are the promo photos...

I also created a 2X jumbo version which sold on eBay...

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